This Great Online Tool Can Keep Your Consumers’ Needs Front & Center

​Finding ways to connect to a consumer from afar can be a challenge. Although sales figures can tell you some of the story, knowing what ​a consumer wants next or is planning to do in the future in what they may want to have as a product can’t always be told at the register.

Using an online survey is one way to gather data that may not be found in dollars and cents.

Billsboro Winery co-owner Kim Aliperti tells Vintner that she finds industry-type surveys invaluable toward finding out information to help her New York Finger Lakes winery get ahead.

​”I learn a lot from what has worked for others, what upcoming trends are, and how to brand and sell our own products, be it wine or experience,” she said.

The only survey ​Billsboro has created so far has been regarding ​its wine club to learn what aspects of the club customers like best.

​”​It was informative​,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I also learned it is not easy to create a good survey question​.”​

​Billsboro has​ put out a newsletter for the ​past 10 years​, which can glean some information for the winery.

​Billsboro will send a newsletter out via email at least once monthly​, and​ more often when ​it has events or news to promote​ — ​such as ​new releases, ​when a ​wine score​ is announced or such.​

​”​It is a great tool for us​,” Aliperi said. “We include live links to purchase products, buy a ticket for an event, and most recently to join our new “Virtual Wine Tasting” events.

​”During the post​-​Covid time it has proved invaluable.​”​

Photo Courtesy Billsboro Winery

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